Barabbas Theatre Company Posters

These were posters I designed for the Barabbas Theatre Company in Dublin a good while back. The pieces are composed of cut and torn paper structures set up and photographed in a similar style to the Earlier that day video but on a smaller scale. 


Earlier That Day Video Art Work

Shows an early unfinished magpie puppet I built for a video.

Shows the inner beak skeleton of a magpie puppet I built for a video.

Pre-painted articulated magpie talon I built for a video.

A few examples from the set and puppet construction. Primarily built with cardboard and then painted . The puppets were tailor-made for specific shots in which they had to interact with the actor.


Lunchtime video art work

I've added a few posts here of more puppet making and some stills of the costumes on the day.

Slideshow of making the Lion Puppet.


IMPACT: 50 Years of the CFDA 

A few photos I took from exhibition to celebrate  Council of Fashion Designers of America